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Set Up Salesforce Field Audit Trail in Only 8 Minutes

In the Spring '19 release this February, Salesforce will begin to enforce the 18-month data retention policy for Field History Tracking.

Salesforce's out-of-the-box Field History Tracking allows you to track the audit history of 20 fields per object and retain those changes for 18 months.  

Customers who want to retain their field history data beyond 18-months need to take action with Field Audit Trail. 

But just buying Field Audit Trial (FAT)  does not mean your Data Retention Policies are configured. In just 8 minutes, learn how to set up FAT and: 

  • Easily access the Field History and Archived Data
  • Implement data retention policies without code
  • Display settings for easy review and configuration
  • Find information needed for compliance reviews

Date of webinar : 1/11/19



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