Do you want to implement Shield even faster?

If so, check out for more tips including how to:

  • Classify your data to create tracking wish list
  • See change history from the Big Object
  • Increased adoption times by over 80%

But just buying Field Audit Trial (FAT)  does not mean your Data Retention Policies are configured. In just 8 minutes, learn how to set up FAT and: 

  • Easily access the Field History and Archived Data
  • Implement data retention policies without code
  • Display settings for easy review and configuration
  • Find information needed for compliance reviews

Date of webinar : 1/11/19

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RevCult is a team of Salesforce security & governance experts helping companies in highly regulated industries including Healthcare & Life Sciences, Financial Services and Retail.  Check out for our purpose-built Salesforce products and services.