Quickly assess & prioritize Salesforce security risk remediation

RevCult's Assessment provides an actionable, data-driven, risk-prioritized action plan.

Highlighting the potential for gaps between official security posture and Salesforce configuration, these are findings from recent client risk assessments performed by RevCult:

  • The average production Org contains 1042 fields of sensitive data
  • 86% of users have access to sensitive data
  • 45% of users have Administrative access to sensitive data
  • 66% of organizations using Apex do not follow secure coding
  • 75% of firms have not aligned Salesforce password policy to their firm’s password standards

A Remote Workforce Security Risk Assessment will provide an actionable, data-driven, risk-prioritized action plan for securing your most sensitive customer data.

Prioritize quick wins, long term impact, and ROI

With more people working from home than ever before, your sensitive customer data is at greater risk. We can help.

RevCult’s Remote Workforce Security Risk Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of your Salesforce environment, with a special emphasis on areas of vulnerability created by remote workforce access to sensitive data.

  • Using our proprietary apps for a technology-enabled, accelerated process, we provide evidence-based compliance and status reports.
  • We assess and grade your org in six key areas of security, based on Salesforce-native control settings.
  • You get remediation recommendations to assist in prioritizing quick-win opportunities as well as long term impact and ROI.

Our 3-week engagement process and technical requirements include:

  • 2 half-day virtual workshops, working with both client and RevCult teams
  • Requires full administrator access to client’s Salesforce org
  • Two-week period for data analysis and assessment of code and configuration
  • Final one-hour meeting to deliver a read-out of current org security risk assessment, and recommendations for prioritized path forward 
You’ll receive these takeaways at the conclusion of the assessment:
  • Data Classification Workbook
  • “Who Sees What” Workbook
  • Salesforce Health Check Report
  • RevCult’s Salesforce Security Implementation Assessment Scores
  • Detailed remediation playbook with recommendations and prioritized action plan