Maintain Salesforce Shield in 18.5 min a Month
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So once you've implemented Shield, how do you maintain it correctly to confidently ensure ongoing compliance and accuracy? 

As I’m sure you know, Shield is not just a “set it and forget it” thing because...

  • Your Org evolves & Salesforce continuously enhances Shield capabilities
  • Your security, regulatory, compliance posture changes
  • You need to continuously verify your Shield configuration to ensure compliance and appropriate risk

Learn our tips and tricks for maintaining Shield in record time.

  •  Keep up to date with Salesforce releases and changes to your Org
  •  Accurately see the encryption status of all your fields in real-time
  •  Easily share status reports to see changes over time
  •  Reduce maintenance time up to 80%

We'll cover all 3 components of Shield : 

  • Event Monitoring
  • Field Audit Trail
  • Platform Encryption

Recorded: Friday, August 24


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Pete Thurston
Chief Product Officer

  Brian Olearczyk 

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Webinar - maintain Shield in 18.5 min